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These are the students or people related to Exceptional Minds outside of the main editor team that have contributed to our articles! Here you can see which month they contributed to, and which article/art-piece they submitted!

December 2017 - Issue #2

Nathan Folsom - Persona 5 Review "The game that 'Took my heart'"

Dakota La Ness - Autistic Hearts: Visions on Sight Part One

Kate Jorgensen - On the Origins of a Muse

Adam Shows - One Manifesto

Luke Shneour - Thor Ragnarok: A spoiler-free review

March 2018 - Issue #3

Chris Iddalmagoda - Sir Lurid the Wise and Flash the Gecko

Dakota La Ness - Autistic Hearts: Visions on Sight Part Two

Ryan Oldis - Comedy, Critique and Professionalism

Naseem Sabokpey - My Passion for Dinosaurs

Adam Shows - Life on the Stage

Luke Shneour - Black Panther: A spoiler-free review

Zachary Warren - Underverse: Chapter One

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