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Write and Forge - What is it? -History

Write and Forge is a student run publication featuring stories and artwork made by the students of Exceptional Minds.

The magazine began in 2017 with the talented individuals of Xavier Romo, Quinn Wright, Peter Jansen, Jake Reiss, Isaiah Strum, and Thomas Harmonson. The magazine was originally supervised by Kristin Kucia who guided these talented young minds.

The magazine has evolved to allow for new editors and supervisors, including the students Ryan Oldis, Kate Jorgensen, Adam Shows, Dakota La Ness, Ben Proctor, Zach Warren, Blaine Harrington, and Max Everett. Tim Dailey joined as co-supervisor Fall of 2019 to handle the magazine's evolving technical and expanded article review needs.

Today the team consists of the students in the above image, Dylan Paterson, Doron Tuvia, Andrew Rosengard, Kate McSpadden, Jack Meigs, Becca David, Blaine Harrington, and Max Everett. Steff Farrar joined as the team's new Co-Supervisor winter of 2021.

Exceptional Minds is a vocational school for young adults on the autism spectrum. Students learn the fundamentals of the visual effects industry as well as further their own artistic skills.

Write and Forge came out of the idea that while Exceptional Minds is mostly a school for the arts, a lot of its students like to write, but had nowhere to share their writings. Each month we will have new articles, artwork, and more to enjoy. These range from movie reviews, news about the school, personal stories, and much more. Image of the original team below and the first issue's logo design:

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