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Peter Jensen


I am a student at Exceptional Minds, a vocational school for young adults on the autism spectrum. I have  a keen interest in Animation and how VFX enhances it. I often find myself encouraging and promoting my classmates, which leads me towards an interest in Project Manager in the entertainment industry where I can mentor others.

Jacob Richard Riess


Jacob Richard Riess is a VFX and 3D artist based in Los Angeles California. He has an Associates in Animation and Game Design from Santa Barbara City College.  He enjoys playing video games, watching television series from Japan, and drawing characters in his sketch book. His dream is to eventually work at any 3D animation studio, or a video game studio, or any studio that will have him when he graduates from Exceptional Minds





Art Manager


Quinn Wright


Quinn Wright is a photographer, filmmaker and comedian. He enjoys all things camera, film and comedy; and especially loves when he's able to mix the three. Recently, his photo was featured on the Instagram of The World Famous Comedy Store. He is also an act featured in The Ding Dong Show, the longest-running show in Comedy Story history, every monday night from 10:30 to midnight.

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