About the Editors

Learn about the team that keeps Write and Forge running!

Max Everett


I am a third year animation student with a focus in motion design and storyboarding. While I am on the search for a job in the animation industry, I have been preoccupying myself with some interesting projects such as the upcoming Maxwell Squirrel short, “Flat Back Roads”, as well as some collaborative projects such as Kooky Trails with my best friend, Albert Rodriguez. I joined Write and Forge because I love writing just as much as I love drawing. I’m a storyteller by heart, and I want to tell my own stories through my own unique perspective or let people know about the more interesting things in history that may seem obscure to them. I hope that my storytelling can touch people, make an impact, and perhaps even make a difference.

Jack Meigs

Website/Layout Support

I joined  Write and Forge in my 3rd year here at Exceptional Minds. I’ve written  2 articles, and have enjoyed it very much because it encourages me to be creative — not just visually, but creative with words. I happen to be dyslexic, and writing shows me how capable I am.

Blaine Harrington

Email Communication

Hi I'm Blaine, a second year student at exceptional minds studying VFX and motion graphics. I joined Write and Forge because I love to write and share interesting stories with many other people.

Becca David

Image Manager/Layout Support

Becca David is a second-year at Exceptional Minds Studios' three-year program, studying animation, motion graphics, and graphic design.  She hopes to apply her talents to visual development (particularly character design), graphic design, and illustration. 


In addition to her interest in the visual arts, Becca has a keen eye for language and creative writing.  She feels that the use of writing--literary devices, fancy words and the like--are a fantastic tool to interpret and interact with the world around them. Through Write and Forge, she has found a method to do so herself.

Andrew Rosengard

Email Communication

I like being on Write N’ Forge because I once took an english class in college. I enjoyed learning literature and inspires me on writing my own stories. Write N’ Forge is my stepping stone to practice my writing skills, and I hope to someday be a better writer.

Kate McSpadden

Round Table Announcer

Kate McSpadden is a second year student at Exceptional Minds and acts as (what is my position at write and forge is called?). Before Exceptional Minds, she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Time Arts from Northern Illinois University and worked as one of the political cartoonists at their student newspaper, the Northern Star.

She joined the Write and Forge team to improve her journalism and writing skills and share her thoughts when analyzing various media. Kate enjoys drawing, video games and voice acting.

Dylan Paterson


Hello, my name is Dylan Paterson. I am a visual effects artist/amateur film critic and I chose to write for Write and Forge in order to flex my film criticism muscles a little bit while I’m here at EM. Main film interests include sci-fi and old black and white movies that no one cares about anymore.

Doron Tuvia


I’m an optimistic human storyteller that believes in humanity’s ability to overcome, grow and learn. I’ve decided to write for Write and Forge because I love speaking to people through artwork and to me that is what my writing is.

Steff Farrar


Bio coming soon!

Tim Dailey


Tim joined Write and Forge in the Fall of 2019 to help then supervisor Kristin Kucia with the magazine's ever-expanding needs.

Initially, his primary role was to provide input for the magazine layout and provide additional support to Kucia for the articles being written.  Being in Write and Forge has been exciting for Tim because he has a passion for letting the student's voices be heard through the written form in addition to the visual.

Tim continues to oversee the group and provide support in all different avenues of the student's writing as their voices continue to develop.

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