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Write and Forge Submission Guidelines

  1. Content:  All articles will be approved by supervisors based on their content.  Opinions should be positive, and invite further insight and conversation. This is a supportive environment to showcase the written work of EM students. This is not a forum to air dirty laundry or to create conflict.

  2. Feedback:  All articles will be put through a mandatory feedback session with approved prior to consideration. Feedback must received in a calm, professional, and polite manner.

  3. Written Art: The word count range for written articles is 250 - 750 words.

  4. Visual Artwork and Photography:  If any visual art has been submitted, we require a 250 word minimum about your artwork because the focus of this magazine is to practice writing in a supportive environment.

  5. Article Breakdown: Written articles must be 75% minimum written, and 25% artwork maximum because the function of this magazine is to demonstrate the writing skills of EM students, and to give a forum for further support and exploration of the vocational competencies in writing of the EM Vocational Program.

  6. Who Can Submit:  Only people associate with Exceptional Minds (FT and PT Students, EM Graduates, EMS and Academy Staff and Artists, and anyone who has taken EM workshops) are allowed to submit material for consideration to Write and Forge.

  7. Why Should You Submit: To have fun, to be creative, to think outside the box, to get feedback on your writing, to highlight your writing strengths and brilliant ideas. It also fulfills a graduation writing requirement!

All submissions must be sent to and

Put submission and student in subject line

(By submission deadline, which will be usually about 3 weeks before the issue drops)

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