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Letter from the Editor (Spring 2022)

Greetings, Dear Readers!

As my time at the academy draws to a close, I find myself feeling those same feelings that accompany any graduation: sentiment, repose, reflection, and the like. But, things are a little different now, and I count myself lucky to have been part of such an…’exceptional’ program (if you’ll excuse the pun). From howling with laughter at Troll 2 during movie night, to collaborating on the award winning animated short, Myth-Logic, it’s safe to say that there is a distinct sense of community here at EM that I’d been missing prior to enrolling. Write and Forge has been yet another avenue to do all of these.

We at Exceptional Minds are just a ship of uber-talented nerds, navigating the waters of the entertainment industry, and I think we made a pretty darn good crew (believe you me, there have been plenty of stormy seas in recent memory, and we’ve managed to weather them successfully). Commenting on pop culture and the entertainment industry is practically our bread and butter, and Write and Forge has been the greatest sounding board for our wildly varying takes. I am optimistic about the continuing success of this publication, and look forward to seeing new perspectives on the things we love.

Until We Meet Again,



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