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Why You Should Join The Rookies

The key to a beginner finding success in the film industry is getting noticed by the pros. And because so many people use social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc) to promote their content, it can be very difficult to stand out using only the usual platforms. Luckily, for those just getting started who are serious about making it in the film industry, there is a platform just for you.

The Rookies is a non-profit organization created to showcase and premiere the work of film industry beginners. It costs nothing to join, offers live sessions and courses, and grants applicants/ students the opportunity to interact with industry professionals. One can also access their tutorials and resources, participate in challenges and contests and earn badges and certificates to build their portfolio. When added up, all of this translates to better chances of getting hired by leading film companies in search of new talent.

Anyone interested can join The Rookies can access their website at . For newcomers seeking opportunities in the film industry, The Rookies is an absolutely essential organization to be a part of. So don’t delay, join today.


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